I really need to clean off my shelves and get my books organized. And I have all these ARCs that are just sitting in piles and not helping. Because I’ve read them all (or most of them) and I’ve bought finished copies of a lot of them and etc.

SO. I’m giving away TWO BOXES of ARCs. Well, actually three, but one is going a teen librarian who could use them.

Anyway, if you live in the United States (sorry everyone else, I love you!), you could win one of the boxes!

Curious to see what’s inside? I have a picture for you. I might add a few books to the pile throughout the course of the giveaway, depending on what I read. I also cannot guarantee how many books will be in the box – it depends how well I can pack them.

Also, so sorry for the quality of the picture – took it on my cell phone while running out the door! If you have any questions about what one of the books is, let me know.


US only
13 years or older
Winners get to pick their top 5 books, the rest are random

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