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Your-Site’s Network

At Your-Site, we use only Linux to handle everything from our Web Servers to our DNS servers. True Networking machines offer many advantages over PC’s running Windows NT. The key word here is networking.

Networking machines are designed from the hardware down to the Operating System to be true multi-user machines capable of operating under a heavy network load. Would you trust your Web Site to a provider that uses PC machines to serve multiple Web Sites?

We own all our equipment and servers. We are not a reseller for some other hosting company unlike a majority of “webhosts”.

Rock-Solid Hosting Platform Cisco, Zeus, mySQL

Superior Servers: Dependable, load balanced, redundant Linux servers. All Your-Site customers are hosted on our completely redundant hosting platform featuring Network Appliance RAID Storage, Daily Website Backups, UPS Power and Diesel Generator. Our servers network is all Cisco hardware.

Blazing Fast Network: A long haul OC-192 national backbone that links together all major U.S. cities, is Layer 3 protected, utilizes IP-over-DWDM technology and operates at 80 Gbps (scalable to 15x that amount) making it the largest network of its kind in the industry. This backbone extends directly into our collocation center via an OC-48 connection which connects to our network.

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